Order food through face book

Engage and monetize your social media fans with ordering directly on your Facebook page.

1Facebook Order Page

Now you don’t just have likes on your face book page you can have pictures of your delicious food as well as get orders from your customers through your face book page. Customers will be able to choose the food they want from your page and place an easy request to order food from you through the page. Every time your customer orders for food from your FB page you will have a huge network of subscribers who would come to know of your online presence as well as the option of ordering through your face book page. As more customers spend their time on face book page it becomes convenient and comfortable to order through face book and as customers order you get enough promotion online of your services.

2Facebook Menu Page

As your customer clicks on the “Menu order” option on your face book page a new page with the menu options is opened. The list of items available from your restaurant will be up for display. The customer can like through the web application pick and choose his/her favourite food and order the same.

3Restaurant Info

The face book page will have all the information about your restaurant, map, location, telephone numbers, service time and all other necessary details pertaining to your restaurant that would be of importance to the customers.

4Facebook Thanks Alert

Once the customer places the order through the face book page he receives a “Thank you” alert on his page making your service to your customer very personal. The customer can now wait for the delivery with a smile on his/her face.

How to Configure

1Facebook Login Page

The face book page is easy to configure and the customer need not create a new account to sign up. The customer can sign in with his/her existing account and order for his favourite food from your page. If the customer has no account with face book then he/she has to create a new account to order.

2Choose Facebook Page

If the restaurant has more than one face book page then the restaurant has to choose the page that needs to be integrated with our “Menu order” app. That corresponding page would be chosen for integration as well as list the menu of the restaurant in the face book page.

Menu Order App