The customers for placing orders from anywhere.

Order Receiving Via SMS

The order can be received through SMS. SMS notifications can also be configured

Order Receiving Via FAX

The fax number of the Restaurant is given. When the customer places an order, it reaches to the specified fax number.

Order Receiving Via Order Receiving App

Order receiving mobile app is provided to the restaurant owner and the order will be notified in the Smart phones

Payment Integration

Payment can be made online by integrating with payment gateways like PayUmoney or Razor pay for Indian restaurant and through Stripe for the restaurant in abroad. Payment gateway makes the business and customers totally safe. A good factor that should be considered is the ease of use and accessibility through payment gateway.

Online Ordering via Website

Through websites, the independently owned restaurant allows the new and existing customers to interact with the menu and order food. The website also helps new customers discover restaurant information through search engines

Online Ordering via Andriod App

The popularity and convenience of smart phones and mobile apps is leading to huge growth in mobile payments. Accepting mobile orders connects the customers in an exciting new way.

Menu Card Upload

Menu card allows the customers know what is on the menu, with a brief description for each dish with pictures. By this way all the customers can see all of the choices.

Themes Section

Website is a powerful online marketing tool that you can use for promoting your business online. We offer you business themes that go well with your business. These stunning business themes are custom-built to provide all the features that you need in promoting and running your business online.

Ordering Widget

Easily customize the order in which dashboard widgets display for Restaurant owners. We provide various plugins like Delivery setting (Area/Google GPS), Payment integration, Multiple tax options, Add-ons Management etc…

Sales information

It’s a tool that helps owners of the restaurant to boost and maintain the profitability of their business. As it is an online based tool one can access anywhere and at anytime. It helps to track and analyse different business areas and flexible with good security and daily balancing control. Performance of the business is well tracked weekly, monthly and provides enhanced financial monitoring. Report on sales per month/ per week can be extracted.

Order information

An overview of how many orders have been placed by the customers in which month can be displayed and orders per month/ per week can also be extracted. Different customers will be grouped and restaurant owners will be able to get an overview which customers are mainly influencing the revenue in different sales, offices per month.

Restaurant details

The overall restaurant information can be provided using this interface. The logo and cover image of the restaurant can be set up.

Delivery Area based on Google maps

The food can be delivered based on the Google Maps as well. Using the Google Maps to verify your delivery areas is a powerful tool

Order Receiving Via E-mail

Once the customer has confirmed their order, the MenuOrderApp will send the customer's order to the restaurant either to the specified email address.

Order Receiving Via GPRS Printer

It is suitable for the restaurant to receive orders directly from the website. We can integrate the restaurant’s own model of GPRS. This integration allows a two-way confirmation, this means that the restaurant receives the order and the printer starts beeping announcing the order, then the restaurant can confirm or reject directly by pressing a button.

Vouchers management

The owners of the restaurant can provide voucher code (One-time discount) to the customers to avail for an instant discount.

Delivery Settings

Restaurant can provide customer service such as delivery to the destination that they have requested for. The delivery charges can be applied if the restaurant wants to. Restaurant can have the option for the customers to pick-up the food ordered online. The customers can make use of the cash on delivery as well.

Delivery Area based on Zipcode/Area

The food can be delivered at the exact location. The food delivery service can be provided based on zip code/area wise provided by the customer.

Restaurant Time Settings

Restaurant owners can set the opening and closing time for deliveries that are to be made to the customers. Timings can be edited according to the restaurant’s convenience.

Menu and Add-ons Management

The speciality of the restaurant can be presented by displaying the restaurant’s special food menu. Our Add-on Management will help the customers to treat themselves for the required toppings and add-ons to their orders.

Offers Management

The owners of the restaurant can set attractive offers for the customers to build online traffic for the business. The customers can be able to pick their favourite food at discounted price and enjoy at the comforts of their homes.

Online Ordering via Facebook

Social media is another area of rapid growth. If the restaurant has an active Facebook page with a solid foundation of fans (“likes”), MenuOrderApp allows the customers to order food on Facebook.


We’re ready to offer 24/7 support for the Restaurant. We provide Technical Assistance from our team at anytime. The support team can be reached on any day/ time of the week.

Ticket System

MenuOrderApp provides excellent service for customers of the Restaurant by the use of ticket system. A ticket system also enables the collection of data which can be used to improve the Restaurant as a whole. The reason for this is a ticket system allows for an issue tracking system, which gives visibility to into the big picture of a support team. So if a specific issue is constantly being raised by multiple customers, the support team can be made aware of the issue and take actions to provide an efficient solution.

Tax settings

Restaurant owners can set multiple taxes for the customers depending on the location and the delivery services they provide. Customers will not be surprised with extra charges at the time of delivery.

Customer Profile

Restaurant can have saved profile of signed up customers, including full name, contact number, email address and also complete address for delivery. Also, previous orders of the customers can be accessed. Based on this, the restaurant may provide offers and surprise vouchers to the customers.

Multi Language Management

MenuOrderApp breaks down the language barriers with built-in language studio that displays the application in a user-specific language, including English, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, German and French

Menu Order App