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Industry Problems

  • Many Restaurants find hard to deliver food to the customers through online platform.
  • Taking orders over the phone takes five to eight minutes per order.
  • The restaurant needs a waiter or hostess to be on the phone to take the order.
  • Many Errors may occur due to miscommunication.
  • Customers find hard to visit and order food at the restaurant for various reasons.


Our solution to it

  • Menu Order APP provides various plugins like Delivery setting (Area/Google GPS), Card Payment integration, Multiple tax options, Add-ons Management etc...
  • Menu Order APP reduce the operational time since transactions are done through Web/ Mobile/ Facebook. Online orders are received in less than 30 seconds.
  • The restaurant is able to take more orders with fewer staff.  The order can go straight to the kitchen with increased turnaround time.
  • Menu Order APP is away from Miscommunication, Language barriers, bad reception and human error.
  • Menu Order APP is an online system, it is available anytime, anywhere, thus it increases the number of orders for the Restaurants.

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