“Menu Order” app is an online application for restaurant owners who would like to grow their business manifold. This simple to integrate and use application is an exciting option for restaurant owners as well as customers of the restaurants. Now publishing menus online is a simple task for the restaurant owners and a stimulating experience for customers to pick and choose their favourite food from the restaurant’s menu online. The restaurant’s website and the face book page will have a list of all their favourite foods on display and cart for customers to order online.

The app helps restaurants not just to publish menus but also publish meal packages as well as price for the same. The app will help restaurants reach out to a very large customer base and in turn promote their food and their services.

Not just the website of the restaurants now restaurant owners can promote their restaurant and serve their customers through face book as well. There are well over a billion FB users and it would be a great incentive to reach out to your customers among them. Customers today are very active on FB and browse FB pages to look out for their favourite food item. Now your FB page can serve your customer to pick their appetizing meal and order too. With this app installed on your FB page customers will promote your page as well as like it in turn generating great promotions as well as business for the restaurant online.

Now orders can be on the go when customers are mobile as they can order from your website or through their smart phones. The app works seamlessly across web, mobile and social media thus helping customers use whenever they want at their comfort.

This application is free of cost for the restaurant owners as well as customers and the orders are limitless thereby placing no restrictions on the no of orders. Regular updations are possible and restaurant owners can change their menu lists or delivery time or any information whenever they deem is right to do so. This free application can greatly bring restaurant owners and customers together thereby providing a glimpse to the restaurant owners the kind of choices their customers make. “Menu Order” app provides the restaurant owners deep insights into the ordering pattern of its customers and the helps restaurant owners predict and serve customers.

As customers place their orders online it becomes easy for restaurant owners to monitor the receipt of the order and prioritize them accordingly. Its easy for them to manage their orders. Restaurant owners can make their web pages and face book pages more exciting and appealing to the customer’s appetite. The “Menu Order” app will provide a wonderful and easy to use interface between customers and restaurant owners bring a huge smile to both of them.